How do I purchase Simple-Trends headbands?
See "Buying Info." tab for instructions.

Do you wholesale your headbands?
Yes, we wholesale our headbands.  Own a business and want to retail
Simple-Trends Headbands at your store?  Attend vendor or craft fairs
and want to carry Simple-Trends Headbands as a product?  E-mail me
at the address above to learn more about wholesaling.

Do you take special orders or make headbands for groups.
Absolutely.  All Simple-Trends headbands are handcrafted.  If you have
a specific fabric, special size request, or team / group you would like to
outfit with headbands, e-mail me with information at the address above.

Do you screenprint?
We are currently working to make arrangements for screen printing
your logo or emblem on our headbands.  Pricing and order details will
be worked out on a case by case basis.  Please contact me at the
e-mail address above if you are interested in learning more.

Other Questions?
E-mail me at the address above.